CISPA – Helmholtz Centre for Information Security

SHS was commissioned with the project development for CISPA – Helmholtz Centre for Information Security in 2019 and, as the principal, bears overall responsibility for the structural implementation of this technically demanding research building.

Competition for the best minds requires not only the scientific excellence of the institute but also pioneering architecture. The construction of CISPA 1, which is to be an important element within the CISPA campus planned for the future, offers CISPA scientists and staff optimal working conditions in an inspiring work atmosphere. The new building offers sufficient space for modern offices, media-networked seminar and communication areas, a high-performance computer centre and a staff restaurant with adjoining bar area.

Due to the close networking required between architects and specialist planners, SHS decided to award the planning to a developer. After holding an architectural competition with 11 participants, the renowned architecture firm HPP International from Frankfurt/Main was commissioned in 2019 with the planning of the shell and the technical fittings of the building.

The framework conditions arising in 2020 from the pandemic and the resulting high level of cost increases pose major challenges for SHS as a principal. In order to be able to meet the ambitious cost and deadline targets in spite of this, the excavation pit was dug a year before the actual start of construction, with execution planning running in parallel.

The contract for the construction performances, which includes not only the turnkey construction of the building but also the planning of the interior fittings, was awarded to a general contractor from Saarland after a tendering procedure lasting several months. Thanks to the excavation pit already having been constructed, construction work on the new building could begin just a few weeks after the order was placed at the end of 2021.

SHS, together with LEGS, with its close-meshed project steering, will ensure that the agreed project objectives are met and that the building can be handed over to CISPA in August 2023.

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