Wohnungsgesellschaft Saarland mbH

WOGE Saar, the Saarland housing association, unites all activities relating to housing into one holding.

The employees at WOGE Saar look after approximately 5,200 housing units with 12,000 tenants in the region – in rural and urban communities in Saarland and in neighbouring Rhineland-Palatinate. Its housing stock covers a broad range of properties – from inexpensive apartments for singles or students through to real estate that is suitable for senior citizens and spacious family housing.

In doing so, this SHS subsidiary ensures that it retains a carefully designed service concept with lean organisation and short communication paths. Each tenant has a personal contact and can rely on fast reaction times for questions or problems. WOGE Saar is also active in the sector of real estate trading and the realisation of housing projects from project development through to rental and marketing.


Rita Gindorf-Wagner

Managing Director
WOGE Wohnungsgesellschaft Saarland mbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 602

» r.gindorf-wagner@woge-saar.de

Valentin Holzer

Managing Director
WOGE Wohnungsgesellschaft Saarland mbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 640

» v.holzer@woge-saar.de

Johanna Kredteck

Authorised Signatory for the housing sector
WOGE Wohnungsgesellschaft Saarland mbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 410

» j.kredteck@woge-saar.de

Stefan Ruffing

Authorised Signatory
Technical Manager
WOGE Wohnungsgesellschaft Saarland mbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 154

» s.ruffing@woge-saar.de