SHS Strukturholding Saar

Whether as a classical business development agency, developer of large projects or real estate manager – SHS Strukturholding Saar is a door opener and partner rolled into one when it comes to access to Saarland as an economic location and its continuing development.

The key business areas for this are the real estate sector, business development and traffic. This state-owned holding consolidates the five subsidiaries gwSaar, SBB, LEG Saar, LEG Service and WOGE Saar under one umbrella. The SHS Group has an annual turnover of 60 million Euros with its approximately 200 employees.

Saarland is small. And precisely this allows it to concentrate on the essentials. We are simply able to open the doors to our European neighbours a little faster due to our vicinity to the border, which also benefits you as our customer. You want to ensure high quality performance for your company and we can provide you with the right platform to do so.

Contact Person

Rita Gindorf-Wagner

Managing Director
SHS Strukturholding Saar GmbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 602

» r.gindorf-wagner@strukturholding.de

Thomas Schuck

Managing Director
SHS Strukturholding Saar GmbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 204

» t.schuck@strukturholding.de

Valentin Holzer

Managing Director
SHS Strukturholding Saar GmbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 640

» v.holzer@strukturholding.de

Petra Kutsch

Authorised Signatory for accounting
SHS Strukturholding Saar GmbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 354

» p.kutsch@strukturholding.de

Christian Riefer

Authorised Signatory
Controlling and financing
SHS Strukturholding Saar GmbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 639

» c.riefer@strukturholding.de

Dr. Jochen Wagner

Head of Department Corporate Communications
SHS Strukturholding Saar GmbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 630

» j.wagner@strukturholding.de