October 2018

Sun. Ladybird. Motorbike – IKS builds a mini playground for children on the Alm

A playground for the youngest has just been opened by IKS, which is a subsidiary of SHS. On the Reden slag heap plateau, a playground themed on mining already exists but moving the trolleys there requires the physical strength of bigger kids and the playground is further away from the terrace. Contrary to this, the new toddlers play area between the tables and the umbrella bar is literally within reach and allows parents to be very close to their kids.

At the opening, Bernd Therre, Managing Director of IKS, said: `The playground for toddlers sensibly complements the offerings of the slag heap plateau and even makes it more attractive. Now, relaxed excursions are also possible for families with very young children´.

A part of the total cost of 20,000 euros was funded by Sparkasse Neunkirchen. `We as a savings bank are always ready to commit ourselves to the region and the local people. In doing so, we also support many useful and important projects that make the region even more attractive. I am pleased that, this time, we could also do something for the smallest ones`, said Markus Groß, Chairman of the Board.

What makes the playground toddler-friendly? First, the security aspect: Where children play, also falls may ocur. That´s why the ground is covered with safety slabs. And to prevent children from exploring also the steep ground around the slag heap, railings were fitted around the area. Unlike older children, children under the age of three rather orientate at the size, colour, shape and material of the play equipment. Accordingly, the play area provides the two spring bouncers Ladybird and Motorbike as well as a small slide type Mini Castle. Here, the youngest visitors can work out all their urge to move and joy of discovery. And all this with mom and dad right next to them.