June 2021

Transall says goodbye to Saarland

The Transall was a welcome and frequent guest also at the SCN. Now it is saying goodbye to Saarland. For over 50 years, the `Transport Alliance` (Transall), which was jointly developed by Germany and France, brought the parachutists of the Saarland Brigade into the air. Now the legendary aircraft is sorted out by the German Armed Forces and replaced by the new Airbus A400M military transporter.

This week the Transall says goodbye to Saarland. On the first day of the jumping, together with the Airbus, it flew over the mining heap in Ensdorf. Before, soldiers from the brigade had jumped off with their controllable parachutes and landed on the plateau of the mining heap.
With a length of 45 meters and an unladen weight of 79 tons, the Airbus A400M is bigger and heavier than the Transall with 32 meters and 29 tons. 116 soldiers with equipment can be accommodated in the new transport aircraft (Transall: 88). The Airbus is also faster and quieter.