Redesign of Highway Maintenance Department Merzig

The SHS subsidiary LEG Service has developed a new concept as project manager for the highway maintenance services in Saarland: The single-site solution that combines everything under one roof for the first time in Merzig: grit hall, vehicle hall with workshop, wash hall, sign hall, technology and administration. The Highway Maintenance Department Merzig will soon become much more efficient thanks to the compact structure, because necessary process steps will all take place in one place in the future.

Construction projectRedesign / Construction
Investmentca. 6.1 million €
Areaca. 15,000 m² (site)
Total usable area: 4,458.72 m²
ClientLandesbetrieb für Straßenbau, LfS
PerformanceLEG Service:
Project management and SiGeKo (general contract)