December 2016

Opening of the footbridge at the old mining waste tip in Göttelborn

With the opening of the footbridge over the Kohlbach the circular trail round the old mining waste tip at the IKS campus in Göttelborn has been completed now. For hikers and the inhabitants of Quierschied, the new bridge provides direct access to the area of the former mine.

For Bernd Therre, Managing director of building contractor Industriekultur Saar (IKS) the new footbridge is a `small but important and enjoyable element of Campus Göttelborn.` Now, also pedestrians coming from Quierschied can reach the Haldenrundweg and plateau comfortably and safely.

The bridge is 6 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. It consists of three duplicated and curved girders with high-grade steel tie rods. The connecting parts are made of Siberian Larch. The bridge is robust and easy to maintain. Construction costs are about 9,000 euros. In 2012, RAG started modelling the mining waste tip area and establishing the hiking trail network. Core element is the completely asphalted 1.2 km long circular trail which is also accessible for handicapped persons. In 2015, the trail was finished and transferred to IKS. On three access points, IKS has placed information boards on the area and the whole network of trails at the former mining site.