October 2012

New Building for Saarland´s `Hotbed of Excellence`

The new institutional building at the eastern entrance of the University rounds off the `Platz der Informatik` on the campus from the architectural point of view. All in all, the Saarland Government has sponsored the new seven-storey building and its internal equipment by 22 million euros from both Saarland- and EFRE funds. The new research facilities provide optimal conditions for up to 500 scientists at both Max Planck Institutes.

The new building of the Max Planck Institute is an important symbol for the R&D location Saarland. `Besides the university, it is mainly the multitude of research institutes outside the university that enhance the Saarland´s significance as a research location`, as Dr. Susanne Reichrath, the Saarland Prime Minister´s Delegate for Universities, Research and Technology, said when inaugurating the new building on Monday. Together with the university department of computer science and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, which was founded in 1988 already, form a nucleus for major joint research projects with a business orientation from which Saarland as a whole will profit. `That´s why it is also a special concern of the Saarland Government to create optimal working- and research conditions for both Max Planck Institutes . In doing so, researchers, postgraduates and students shall be motivated to come to Saarbrücken`, Dr. Reichrath finally pointed out.