February 2023

LEG Service builds the new Innovation Center of the Saarland University

On the Saarbrücken university campus, directly opposite Science Park Saar, the future Innovation Center of the Saarland University is presently being constructed. This is an important development for technology transfer as the new center will provide space across disciplines for students, researchers, those interested in founding a company and industry. Here, they can share creative ideas, get networked, develop new ideas and implement them in first prototypes.

The shell of the roughly 3,500 square meter future center has been finished. Interior construction and façade work are currently running at full speed. Project control and SIGEKO (safety and health coordination) are provided by the SHS subsidiary LEG Service. Managing Director Valentin Holzer: `Being part of SHS Strukturholding Saar, our company is happy to provide its expertise for the implementation of forward-looking projects such as the Innovation Center on the Saarbrücken university campus. Together, we are driving progress in our country.`

At its rear, the building borders on one of the main road axes of the university campus, the  Stuhlsatzenhausweg. A good location, because other non-university research institutes are also established there, for example the DFKI or the Helmholtz Center for Information Security (CISPA), in the expansion of which SHS Strukturholding Saar is also essentially involved.

`From the first idea to the prototype`
On four floors, the building with external dimensions 48m x 18m will offer researchers, people interested in founding a company and regional companies the right space and resources for a lively exchange, activities and events as for example start-up pitches. The spacious, bright entrance with one opening to the west, directly opposite the Science Park, and one entrance to the south, in the direction of the black `Torque` sculpture, is ideal for communication and open activities. The spacious ground floor forms the core of the building. It offers large scope to display scientific exhibits, freely accessible working rooms and ends up in a large, open staircase system shortly called `Sitztreppe`(stair seating) which protrudes along a large window wall to the first floor. The curtain-type façade made of aluminum elements and steel will resemble the façade of the neighbouring Science Park.

In the center, potential company founders  and interdisciplinary working groups of regional companies can develop their ideas and prototypes in a special creative lab. On the second floor, the room structure is flexible and can be modified as required. There is space for the activities of potential company founders in the phase of market entry and application-oriented project groups from research. A congress and training center with multifunctional rooms will be established in the attic. The roof terrace with a light-flooded lounge is suited for the most diverse indoor and outdoor events and offers an impressive view of the green countryside all around the campus.

According to the current state of planning and tendering procedure, the gross construction sum is estimated to be around 19.8 million euros. The future center shall be financed by funds of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Land.

The building shall be completed and handed over to the university by the end of 2023.