June 2024

‘Hydrogen Week’ 2024

Saarland is once again taking part in national ‘Hydrogen Week’ (‘Woche des Wasserstoffs’, WDW) this year. From 15 to 23 June, there will be countless information-based, specialist and discussion events on hydrogen aimed at families, students and interested individuals. Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Jürgen Barke and Bettina Hübschen, CEO of Saarland’s hydrogen agency, presented the programme at today’s state press conference.

Minister of Economic Affairs Jürgen Barke: ‘Hydrogen Week particularly seeks to promote the topic of hydrogen: Where do we stand? Where do we want to go? What are the opportunities and prospects on offer? However, we also want to celebrate what we have achieved together so far in ramping up hydrogen in Saarland.’

Barke further noted that Saarland had had an exemplary start to the hydrogen ramp-up. After the successful, initial application phase in key areas of hydrogen production, infrastructure use on a national and European level, the projects have now reached the implementation stage. ‘A new era of further economic development for the region is coming. We want to support this with top-level expert debate. We want to show our citizens every side of hydrogen use in Saarland. I hope that we will be able to welcome many interested individuals to Hydrogen Week in Saarland.’

Barke and Hübschen both noted that keeping citizens informed and involved was a vital part of this topic. Developing the hydrogen-based economy in Saarland not only affects the current and future companies involved, but also involves changes to our society. ‘We are also anticipating new directions in terms of creating new job profiles throughout the entire hydrogen value chain. This offers real opportunities, of which our future specialists and our young talent in Saarland must be made aware’, Barke said.

Bettina Hübschen added: ‘Green hydrogen is a key investment in our future, and combines climate neutrality with an innovative economy and secure jobs. Hydrogen Week offers anyone interested an opportunity to gain free information in person about wherever hydrogen could be used in the future. I would like to invite you all to come along and get involved.’

Hydrogen Week is a national campaign, offering events relating to hydrogen over a period of nine days. Anyone interested can gain free insights into the huge breadth of potential applications for and involving hydrogen, as well as information about transport and mobility, production, storage and infrastructure.

Saarland’s hydrogen agency H2Saar and other Saarland stakeholders will be taking part in the campaign week via numerous events. The full programme can be found in the attached programme overview.


More information:

>> www.wochedeswasserstoffs.de

>> www.h2-saarland.de