September 2013

First company relocations at the industrial park Lisdorfer Berg

Saarlouis-based MEWA Textilservice and Helvetia Packaging from Switzerland are the first companies to settle at the industrial park Lisdorfer Berg . As Economics Minister Heiko Maas announced, the Swiss beverage packaging company will invest 70 million euros and create 150 new jobs. MEWA on its part will invest 35 million euros and create 225 jobs. Maas said: `The company decisions to become relocated here are landmarks in the development of the industrial park Lisdorfer Berg and also for the town of Saarlouis. So, they are good decisions for both the location and jobs in Saarland.


The decisions to locate at the Lisdorfer Berg were taken after issue-related discussions of state-owned Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation (gwSaar) with the investors and the definitive green light by the Saarlouis city council given on September 19. For Lord Mayor Roland Henz, this shows that the decision to develop the Lisdorfer Berg into an industrial area was right. `We are particularly glad that, with MEWA, a Saarlouis company can maintain and even enlarge its production within the the city territory`, he said.
Thomas Schuck, Managing Director of gwSaar, showed himself happy about the relocation of Helvetia Packaging and MEWA . He is convinced that more decisions in favor of the Lisdorfer Berg will follow. `Further promising and concrete inquiries were received by gwSaar`, he said. As a large part of the production is intended for the French market, the park´s favorable position and direct linkage to the French motorway A4 had been of crucial importance to Helvetia Packaging. There had also been competing offers from France, Switzerland and other German States, Schuck continued.


Helvetia Packaging will acquire an even surface of 6.8 ha in the industrial park. The planned building complex shall comprise 30,000 sq.m. Construction work will presumably start by end of this year, the launch of operations is scheduled for mid 2014.
The 5.9 ha-surface acquired by MEWA Textil-Service AG & Co. OHG will among other things house an industrial laundry. The Saarlouis-based company provides comprehensive services in the field of work wear, machinery cleaning cloths and mats. Construction will start in spring 2014, the launch of production is timed for 2015. Then, 385 instead of 160 persons willl be employed at the new location.
Meanwhile, the development of the industrial park is going on as planned. The terracing of the 67 ha-area is almost completed, the development of roads and access ways has begun. That several other companies also think of relocating here owes not only to the area´s excellent transport infrastructure via the new section of the B 269 to the A 620 and the French A 4 motorway but also to the size of the industrial park. All efforts are made to meet the individual demands of investors, e.g. regarding the shape of land plots. Meanwhile, there also exists an information platform where potential investors can obtain direct and first-hand information.