December 2018

A space for successful police training

The various companies of SHS take an essential part in the planning and implementation of building projects. Most recent example: the new building of the deployment training center of the Saarland police (ETZ).

At the ETZ, Saarland police commissioner candidates will now be prepared for risky interventions. The new deployment training center – specifically built for this purpose on Göttelborn Campus – is the new basic and advanced training facility of the Saarland police. Prospective police officers profit from the close physical proximity of the Academy´s two training sites. Now, they are only a stone´s throw away from each other.

Successful interaction of SHS companies
The new building was developed by SBB Saarland Bau- und Boden Projektgesellschaft, a subsidiary of SHS. Its sister company LEG Service was also charged with the development and management of the project. SBB, which is also responsible for the Campus management, has leased the building with a net floor space of 2075 sq.m. to the Ministry of the Interior respectively the Academy for Administration. The Academy, in turn, handles the equipment and operation of the new center.

Roughly two years were needed for the overall development, and one year for the construction activities as such. Mid October 2018, the new facility was officially opened by Interior Minister Klaus Bouillon.

In the mining period, the site of the new building had still been used for coal refinement. In a `second shift`, IndustriekulturSaar has created a site of knowledge with the character of a town on the more than 130 hectares of mine land, offering space for industry, innovation and learning on approximately 30 hectares.


Many factors speak for Göttelborn Campus
These include the optimum location right on the motorway network A1/A8/A623 (20 minutes by car from the state capital Saarbrücken, 30 minutes to Saarbrücken Airport) and a flexible administration concept comprising a mixture of rental and sale. The companies that have relocated here – from leading international nanotechnology through large engineering companies through to start-ups and gastronomy businesses and now also the ETZ – really appreciate it.