May 2018

A larger jet for flights from Saarbrücken to Berlin-Tegel

Luxair deploying a Bombardier CRJ-900 with 90 seats

By the turn of 2018/19 at the latest, Luxair will raise its seating capacity on the route from Saarbrücken to Berlin-Tegel by one third. This will be achieved by using a 90-seater CRJ-900 instead of the current Bombardier CRJ-700 with 70 seats. As before, there will be three flights on working days, two on Sundays and one on Saturdays.

Thomas Schuck, CEO of the SCN airport, is pleased about the announcement from Luxembourg: `This shows that, with Luxair, Saarbrücken Airport has found a strong partner that has restored the formerly existing stability of the flight service to Berlin in only five months. The reliability of the airline and the only short time vacancy at the end of last year proves that we were right counting on Luxair.`

At the company´s annual results press conference, Luxair President and CEO Adrien Ney specifically praised the good cooperation with Saarbrücken airport. The SCN as well as Luxair are optimistic that the 100,000 passengers targeted for 2018 will be reached. At the airport, one is happy that bottlenecks at the strongly demanded morning flight (departure SCN: 06:45 a.m.) can be avoided in the future.

Flight schedule summer 2018
Saarbrücken – Berlin
LG 9411              Monday – Saturday                        06:45 – 08:05
LG 9415              Monday – Friday, Sunday             14:00 – 15:20
LG 9413              Monday – Friday, Sunday             18:20 – 19:40

Berlin – Saarbrücken
LG 9412              Monday – Saturday                        08:50 – 10:15
LG 9416              Monday – Friday, Sunday             16:00 – 17:25
LG 9414              Monday – Friday, Sunday             20:50 – 22:15