February 2019

The management of Strukturholding Saar is positioning itself for the future

 Valentin Holzer joins the management team

SHS Strukturholding Saar and its subsidiaries are structuring their staff to meet the challenges of the future. On 10 January 2019, the relevant supervisory boards extended the contracts of current managing directors Rita-Gindorf Wagner, Thomas Schuck and Bernd Therre. Valentin Holzer was also newly appointed to the SHS management board. These and other decisions were announced at a staff meeting by chairman of the SHS supervisory board Jürgen Barke and chairman of the LEG Saar supervisory board Roland Theis.

Valentin Holzer thus also joins the management team of WOGE Saar, LEG Saar and LEG Service. Valentin Holzer was made a managing director of SBB Saarland Bau und Boden Projektgesellschaft mbH on 2 May 2018.

Rita Gindorf-Wagner, Valentin Holzer, Thomas Schuck and Bernd Therre will also become managing directors of LEG Service. The management boards of WOGE Saar and LEG Saar will also consist of Rita Gindorf-Wagner and Bernd Therre alongside Valentin Holzer, and the SBB management board will remain made up of Valentin Holzer and Thomas Schuck.

Valentin Holzer is a graduate economist and studies at Mannheim and Heidelberg universities. Before being appointed to the SHS Strukturholding Saar management team, Valentin Holzer worked for the SHS group in various roles from 2011 onwards, including Head of the Finance and Investment Controlling division, Authorised Officer of Industriekultur Saar (IKS) and SBB, and then Managing Director of Saarland Thermen Resort Rilchingen GmbH from 2014.

In 2016, the supervisory board appointed him commercial director of Congress-Centrum Saar GmbH.


Valentin Holzer is 36 years old and married with a daughter and a son.