March 2014

Two large transformers to roll in on flat-bed trailers -– Power for Lisdorfer Berg

Power for Lisdorfer Berg

They will transform the power that is supplied at 35 kilovolts into 20 kilovolts and distribute this to the operations at Lisdorfer Berg. The Saarland’s Economic Promotion Corporation gwSaar is responsible for the development and marketing of Lisdorfer Berg. The affiliate company Leg Service is responsible for on-site project management.

The power is supplied to the transformer over the Saar River by the substation at Ensdorf power plant. The transformer is to be completely connected to the grid by June.
Each of the two transformers weighs approximately 41 tonnes. The boxes comprise metal, coils, isolators – and ten tonnes of cooling liquids. The coils heat up during operation. This is why the transformers will be located outdoors. Also, as Jürgen Brettar, authorised representative for LEG-Service, tells us “They are placed on a concrete basins. In the event of an accident then the cooling liquid will run into this basin”.
The transformers are designed for 35 kilovolts. According to Brettar they can be converted to 110 kilovolts.

One transformer is intended for use in ongoing operations. The other is a reserve system; if the first fails, for example, or during certain switching operations then the industrial park will not be left without power. The two transformers, which were produced in Germany, cost 3.1. million Euros in total.