April 2013

The Diggers are rolling

1.2 million cubed metres of earth are being moved by removing sand masses and then re-filling them. And all this on an optimum foundation soil comprising sandy, weathered subsoil layers, sandstone and rock. Thus the reinstatement of the ground is enabling the creation of three level plateaus. The area where the diggers are rolling covers 67 hectares.
The drainage works are also well underway: two seepage and retention tanks are being created with surface areas of 5500 m² and 7300 m² respectively. This is where rainwater will seep away for the most part. The experts at the regional corporation will create a pipe system with a total length of 1350 m in order to divert the remaining water from the surface and feed it into the Saar River. A drilling procedure will install a channel to a depth of 60 m using pipes with a diameter of 2 m.

Construction of the necessary infrastructure will begin on this enormous building site in May: 16,500 m² of roads will be constructed between the plateaus and supply pipelines will be laid for water, gas, electricity, wastewater and street lighting.
Thus the building site will be gradually transformed into an area where industry and commercial enterprises can be established.
The development is expected to be complete at the end of 2014.

Thomas Schuck, Managing Director at gwSaar, put it in concrete terms: “The development of the new area will provide us with the necessary prerequisites for new companies to move in so that gwSaar is contributing to the creation of new workplaces.”

Parallel to this development work gwSaar is also in the process of commercialising the area. More than twenty companies are already considering a move to Lisdorfer Berg and have expressed their consequent interest. This is not surprising as the site is ideally located with excellent road connections via the new B 269 to the A 620 and the French A 4 motorway. This is why the location is particularly attractive to companies in the sectors of manufacturing and logistics. The large area of the site also means that it can be adapted to a wide variety of investor requirements, e.g. with regard to plot size.