Saarland Therme

Construction measureNew structure
InvestmentApproximately 13 million € net in the thermal baths,
2 million € net in the development
Area120.000 m²
ClientSaarland Therme Resort Rilchingen



Responsible for overall financing,
processing of funds,
project controlling.
LEG Saar as managing director of the project company:
Project development and management
LEG Service:
Processing of all land issues, project control, safety issues


After two years of production this tourism lighthouse project opened its gates on September 2nd, 2012 as Saarland Therme. SHS Strukturholding Saar with its companies was responsible for overall financing, the processing of funds and project controlling as well as safety issues.

This thermal bath and sauna paradise forms a contrast to the meadow orchards, beech forests and wetlands of the Bliesgau region, right on the French border, with its Moorish-Andalusian architecture.