March 2021

Strukturholding Saar one of the first Saarland companies to be certified as a ‘bicycle-friendly employer’ by ADFC

Occupational health management has been very close to the heart of Rita Gindorf-Wagner, CEO of SHS Strukturholding Saar, for many years. This also means that SHS is a pioneer for employee health in Saarland. Another result of these extensive efforts is the fact that this state organisation was the third country in Saarland to receive ‘bicycle-friendly employer’ certification. Thomas Fläschner, board spokesperson for ADFC Saar, presented the silver certificate to Rita Gindorf-Wagner.

Fläschner, an ADFC board member, described SHS’s commitment as exemplary. ‘We are delighted that such an important Saarland company has not only gained certification, but also treated this as an opportunity to undertake various improvements both large and small’, Fläschner noted in recognition when presenting the certificate, for which Achim Später was the ADFC auditor.

‘The coronavirus has shown us how priceless good health is, and how important it is to do something to help ensure this’, Rita Gindorf-Wagner said when accepting the award. ‘Cycling is not just a trend; it is environmentally friendly, promotes closeness to nature, and is relaxing. Cycling also boosts fitness and helps to improve health and prevention’, the SHS CEO explained. She added that SHS employees understand the benefits of cycling, ‘as in recent years they have leased more than 30 “job bicycles”’.

To gain certification, a series of bicycle-friendly measures have been systematically implemented over the past few months under the leadership of Linda Budell, a specialist in occupational health management. This includes attractive covered bicycle shelters with an integrated charging function for e-bikes and high-quality repair stations. There are also modern shower and changing rooms available, as well as washing and drying facilities for cycle wear. Company e-bikes can also be borrowed over the weekend.

SHS’s annual diary includes participating in two Saarland-wide cycling campaigns: ‘Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit’, AOK and ADFC’s major summer campaign, and ‘Stadtradeln’. There is also a company bicycle outing and a reward programme for employees who cycle to work.

In addition, SHS offers numerous cycling events for its employees, including a bicycle ride to Finkenrech leisure centre, e-bike testing days at the company premises, and ADFC vehicle check days. Interested employees can also receive individual route advice about the

cheapest way to get to work. The bicycle-friendly measures in place are being expanded and continually improved. SHS customers and service providers can also take advantage of this, and can access services at the company premises.

For CEO Rita Gindorf-Wagner, the enthusiastic reaction to the award and the extensive efforts to promote occupational cycling are also an incentive ‘encouraging many more employees to get on a bicycle. This will benefit both our health and our climate.