New traffic system – Wemmetsweiler

Three national roads meet in the middle of the town of Wemmetsweiler. There has been a considerable bottleneck for many years due to the electrified line of the Deutsche Bahn (Saarbrücken – Neunkirchen) in the proximity of this traffic junction. The permanent traffic relief for the town centre made a fundamental structural separation necessary. The state office for road construction relied on the know-how of LEG Saar, which provided the desired traffic flow relief.

Construction projectReplacement construction for the road bridge and a roundabout in Wemmetsweiler
CompletionMai 2011
InvestmentCa. 10 million €
Area4,000 m²
ClientSHS for the state office for road construction, LfS
PerformanceLEG Saar:
Planning permission, project management, construction supervision, financing (SHS)