Industrial estate GI Am Zunderbaum – Homburg

The second largest industrial estate in Saarland was developed from a former military depot. The masterplan area “GI Am Zunderbaum” is located between Kirkel and Homburg, directly on the B 423. Homburg is a transport hub on the A6 and A8 motorways, directly located on the Paris-Saarbrücken-Frankfurt and Trier-Karlsruhe routes. Another plus point: the motorway can be reached in three minutes without having to travel through the town. The exceptionally good transport connections also won over the Danish company DSV. This globally active transport and logistics service provider is combining its three Saarland branches here on a total area of 65,000 sqm.

Construction projectLand planning, urban development planning, dismantling of the former  Bundeswehr depot, disposal of contaminated materials, redevelopment, marketing
CompletionSeptember 2015
Investment24 million €
Area41 hectares of buildable area
Land planning and marketing
LEG Service:
Steering of urban development planning, dismantling and redevelopment, coordination and processing of funding