Former Höll factory site – Illingen

Buildings have been demolished and debris, as well as soil contaminated with pollutants, has been removed from the site of the former Höll meat factory, which has been unused for many years. The follow-up use consists of, among other things, the brewery tower gallery with the eponymous brick tower of the former brewery. The municipality of Illingen will develop and design the new town centre as a link between the old town centre and the railway station.

Construction projectPartial exposure of the site in the town centre of Illingen
InvestmentCa. 500,000 € (demolition work)
Area3.2 ha
ClientSBB Saarland Bau und Boden project company and the municipality of Illingen
PerformanceLEG Saar:
Project management, demolition, agreement on follow-up use,
LEG Service:
Demolition funding, advising the municipality