April 2014

Reden in the limelight

People are invited to participate at several join-in activities. Guided nature tours of the Zweckverband Landschaft der Industriekultur Nord give exceptional and new insights into the immediate environment of the Erlebnisort Reden.

There is much to be seen also around the pithead building. On the Erlebnistag, admission to the two exhibitions DAS ERBE and Geologie der Region is free. On taster tours offered by the ERBE team and the Zentrum für Biodokumentation, visitors can learn about exciting details of the exhibitions

For those interested in technology and mining, also the entrance to the machine hall of shaft IV will be open then. Until 5:00 pm, RAG staff will explain the functioning of the impressive machines and, certainly, also tell the one or other story from the time when mining was still done in Reden.

In two historic tours throughout the pithead building, Delf Slotta of the Institut für Landeskunde im Saarland e.V. (IfLiS) takes the visitors back to the time when hundreds of miners had filled the building with life. Last but not least, the IfLiS and its partners, e.g. the Verein Bergbauerbe Saar, the museum Les Mines in Petite Rosselle and the Förderverein Historische Grubenanlage Itzenplitz, inform about their missions and regional touristic highlights in the field of mining.

With its two dinosaurs Gondi and Gondor, the theme museum Gondwana – Das Praehistorium will be present onsite.

For more information on the program » www.rosenkreis.de