June 2015

Pioneers welcome!

Saarland ist the first and only German Land to date that has been entrusted with such a task. What is meant here is not only the worldwide location marketing for the own Bundesland but also the promotion of the economic area of another state. To do so, SHS subsidiary gwSaar has installed a special Utah Help Desk right next to the Brandenburg Gate and the U.S. Embassy. This Help Desk is ready to answer all questions of Utah companies relating to the European Market and, at the same time, all questions European companies have regarding the business location Utah. And this 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Here, interested European companies find support on all issues concerning the location Utah and the manifold opportunities offered there.


The U.S. State of Utah is a logistically attractive location with a focus on high-tech and industry, comparably low business costs and tax rates, low tuition fees, over 130 languages spoken in daily business, and all this combined with a high quality of life. An interesting location to place products on the U.S. market or to pursue one´s university studies.


The gwSaar team had prepared an interesting program for the U.S. American guests. The folllowing companies were visitited: Nanogate in Göttelborn, DFKI, CISPA and Pharmacelsus on the Saarbrücken University campus, ZeMA, Dillinger Hütte and Villeroy Boch.


The visit to Saarland was one station of the delegation´s tour of several European regions. The group also stopped by in Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg and Paris.