February 2014

New production facility for the automotive location Saarland

Dieter Althaus, Vice President Governmental Affairs Magna Europe, is glad about the flexible and very constructive reaction from Saarland side on Magna´s request to help safeguard the location. He said that the purchase of the site and the enlargement of the production hall would enable Magna to stay competitive as new orders could be generated. The new production hall would house the injection mould production unit and also a central logistics area. Furthermore, the paint shop would be modified. Generally, logistics processes would be optimized by concentration on a more compact surface.

The total amount invested by SBB is 21.3 million euros, of this 7.8 million euros for the purchase of the existing production hall and 13.5 million euros for the extension building including related infrastructures. `The investment is done on the basis of a long-term rental agreement which assures the refinancing`, explains Thomas Schuck, Managing Director of SHS. `Here, too, the state-owned SHS subsidiaries significantly contribute to the long-term safeguarding of the automotive location Saarland and the preservation of jobs. A true win-win situation, in fact.`

Also the mayor of the city of Sulzbach, Michael Adam, praised the uncomplicated and intensive cooperation with the company. For him, it is `a good news for the city of Sulzbach`.