February 2024

New fire engines for the Saarbrücken airport

On February 16, two ultramodern airfield fire engines were put into service at Saarbrücken Airport. The vehicles are  a long-term investment in the safety of passengers as well as the whole air traffic and are also more economical than their predecessors while offering a higher performance.

The official entry into service of the two new `Advancer FLF 60/100`  fire engines took place with a performance presentation by airport managing director Thomas Schuck. From now on, they will replace the two `Panther` fire-fighting vehicles.

​`The new engines will assure the highest level of safety for passengers and airlines in the long term. The models correspond to the most modern technology and, with their state-of-the-art equipment, meet not only present but also future requirements. Furthermore, they are also more economical than the vehicles before. Nevertheless, I hope that the new vehicles will not have to be used more often than their predecessors,` said Thomas Schuck.

​The `Advancers` from the manufacturer Albert Ziegler GmbH, an international specialist for emergency and mission management, have a water tank with a capacity of 10,000 liters, a foam tank( 1,100 liters) as well as a powder extinguishing device (450 kg)  and an innvoative CO2 extinguishing system (120 kg). With a so-called roof turret and a  front turret, extinguishing agents can be used in parallel and independently of each other. Thermal imaging cameras and a laser-assisted extinguishing agent alignment provide maximum efficiency. The extensive automation allows the crew to fully concentrate on fighting the fire.

Thus, the new vehicles are more efficient and, with a weight of 30 tonnes on a standard chassis, also much lighter than their almost 20-year-old predecessors. In addition, they have a regular road approval and the supply of spare parts is guaranteed for the whole period of service. All in all, 1.15 million euros were invested in the two `Advancers`, including fire-fighting and special equipment. An investment that will pay for itself already in a medium term thanks to its cost effectiveness.

​The `Panthera` will be sold. One of them shall be used in a stone factory in Saarland in the future.