October 2014

New building for research in cyber security (CISPA) on the campus of the Saarland University. LEG Service taking over the project management

This constructional modification at the east entrance of the University sends clear signals into two directions: To the university that the Saarland government, despite the strained budgetary situation, stands behind the university and is ready to invest in Saarland´s future. And to the Saarland citizens to whom the restructured entrance with the new CISPA building is another example demonstrating the flagship qualities of computer science at the Saarland University`, the Minister President said during the official ceremony.

On four floors, the new building will provide office space, an auditorium and conference rooms for the CISPA, which was founded three years ago. Supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research computer scientists of the Center develop new strategies against international attacks on IT infrastructures. The Center is financed by EFRE capital, the Saarland University and the Saarland government.

The construction pit of the new building has already been excavated. A good time, thus, to lay the foundation stone. Also Monika Bachmann, Minister of the Interior and Sports, Prof. Volker Linneweber, President of the Saarland University, Rena Wandel-Hoefer, Head of the construction department of the city of Saarbrücken, and Prof. Michael Backes, Head of the Center for IT Security (CISPA), took an active part at the ceremony.

During the ceremony, the general contractor OBG furthermore presented the constructional drawings on the project. Now, they shall be jointly implemented by the Berlin architectural office Veauthier Meyer and project manager LEG Service. The building shall be completed by end 2015 and cost roughly 12 million euros.