June 2014

Location: Saarland – How and where to start business in Europe

From June 18th until June 21st gwSaar Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation will be presenting Saarland in Israel as a hard-working and optimally situated business located in the centre of Europe. The highlight of the trip will be the seminar ‘How and where to start business in Europe” on June 19th at the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute in Tel Aviv.
The event will inform potential investors about Saarland, its strong sectors, its central location within the attractive European market and its modern infrastructure. It will showcase all the tools and information that are needed to be able to use these location advantages in an optimum manner. The experts at gwSaar take over relocation consultancy in the SHS network with their fast one-stop shopping service.

» to the event www.lulaot.com