July 2018

Living and working space – created by LEG Saar

On behalf of the community of Spiesen-Elversberg, a residential and commercial estate of 12 hectares is being developed by state-owned LEG Saar Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Saarland on the Am Truckenbrunnen area. On 7 hectares of land, 70 building lots for young families have just been created. Of them, 16 are owned by the community. The thoughtfully shaped plots are located on the southern edge of town, in the midst of nature.
Project Manager LEG had mastered the most differing obstacles, all under consideration of most varying interests: `At such projects, it is self-evident that environmental aspects and concerns of animal welfare must be respected`, says Heinz Peter Klein, Authorized Person of LEG Saar, in retrospective. So, a protected species of toads had once settled in the nearby spawning waters. In coordination with the Landesamt für Umweltschutz, the amphibians were resettled to the neighboring Hungerpfuhl area. But also bad weather or the elimination of inherited pollutions of land were topics.
The earthworks on the neigboring 5 hectares of commercial land are in full swing. By recommendation of LEG Saar, the development work on both sites was carried out almost simultaneously, thus creating meaningful synergies. So, about 100,000 m3 of earth released on the one area could then be further processed on the other one.
The total volume of the project is roughly € 7.3 million. The project is financially supported by the EU and the State of Saarland. At the end of the year, also this area is expected to be released for construction.