November 2015

Lisdorfer Berg:Second Round for this impressive Industrial Area

The construction time for this stage is expected to be ten months and the dimensions for this project are just as substantial as for the first stage: 12,000 cubic metres of earth will be moved for cable and supply line trenches and 49,000 cubic metres will be excavated for wastewater and rainwater transport channels. The excavation and replacement of 445,000 cubic metres of earth is planned in the course of terrain modelling. The development of a 110/20 KV transformer substation for sustainable power supply to the industrial park also forms part of the construction work in the area.
The costs for the development of the 2nd stage of construction stand at approximately 17.5 million Euros. Once the work is complete a further 27 hectares of industrial areas will be ready for construction. Interested companies can get an impression of the huge dimensions from the nine metre high viewing platform.

“Economic activity needs space to develop in order to be able to make attractive offers to investors. And they are being accepted. The number of companies wishing to profit from a company premises here near Saarlouis is rising continuously. This confirms course we are taking for Masterplan industrial areas. And I am very pleased that we are thus creating a basis for new workplaces and growth,” says Minister Rehlinger, speaking on the plateau at Lisdorfer Berg.
Thomas Schuck, Managing Director of gwSaar, put it in more concrete terms: “The utilization rate is very good: we have already marketed 48% of the areas. And gwSaar has already sent offers in reply to many enquiries from interested parties. A total of approximately 95 hectares of development land will be available at Lisdorfer Berg as soon as the second construction stage is complete in 2016.”
“Lisdorfer Berg is a real asset for the district city of Saarlouis and of course also for the whole of Saarland. The ideal traffic connections within Germany and the level of accessibility to France in particular make it much easier to serve the two central sales markets. I am pleased to see all the companies that appreciate these special factors”, stresses Roland Henz, Mayor of the district city of Saarlouis.

Lisdorfer Berg – an impressive industrial area is being created
Completion of the construction measures for the 1st stage will initially produce an industrial area of approximately 67 ha for companies to establish themselves here. The largest possible partial area has a current size of approximately 27 hectares and the smallest industrial areas are available from 1 hectare upwards. gwSaar has already planted approximately 44,000 shrubs and more than 1,000 trees in order to care for nature in the area. The company will also establish a near-natural forest on a site of more than 6 hectares, which will surely be appreciated by those who like to walk or ride bicycles.

Currently established Companies
Helvetia Packaging, a Swiss drinks packaging manufacturer, the company Mewa Textil-Service, which is building a new industrial laundry, LAKAL Rollladen und Tortechnik, the steel and assembly company S.U.M.M.A, the galvanising plant Coatinc Becker and the company BraunCartec.
Marketing the Masterplan areas
gwSaar once again attended different trade fairs and events this year in order to present the Masterplan areas to selected target groups beyond the region and internationally. For example the extensive industrial areas that are on offer were presented at EuroForum Logistik in Osnabrück, MIPIM in Cannes and on a delegate trip to China. The gwSaar team also presented the areas at the Munich trade fairs ‘transport logistik’ and EXPO REAL, at METEC in Düsseldorf and at FachPack in Nuremberg. rb