May 2018

gwSaar explores opportunities in Korea

From May 12 to 18, representatives of gwSaar, the Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation, are once more on a fact finding mission to South Korea. On the agenda of the Saarland economic development experts are various visits and meetings e.g. with representatives of the KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Association Automated Quotations), the Innobiz trade organization or the Korea Mining Association. To explore cooperation opportunities there will also be meetings with selected companies such as the Hyundai Motor Company (vehicle production), Haezoom (installation of solar systems) and more.

As always, the gwSaar team has information on the location Saarland and its strongpoints in the luggage. This time, the team will also and specifically address young businesses and promote the Saarbrücken Science Park with its Coworking Space in direct vicinity of the Saarland University – sites living from  the transfer of knowledge and a lively exchange between industry and science in the smallest of areas.

Saarland and South Korea
The exchange between Saarland and Korean businesses has meanwhile become a tradition. As a result of various delegation visits to Seoul and Saarbrücken in the last few years, contacts and connections for the benefit of both countries could be established. For example, the KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) was created on the Saarbrücken university campus as the only non-profit Korean research institute outside South Korea. Since 2015, also the Korean trade association ATCA (Advanced Technology Center Association) has established its only European office up to now here.

(Photo: KIST Europe, Saarbrücken)