August 2012

`Federal Road B269neu is a milestone for a bright future of our State`

Owing to the new cross-border road connection B269neu leading from motorway A620 near Saarlouis-Lisdorf to the federal border, and continuing, via the Creutzwald ring-road, on the Route Nationale RN33 direction St.Avold, the German and French motorway systems are now connected to each other by an efficient and direct routing of streets. Together with Dr. Andreas Scheuer, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport, the Saarland Minister of Economics and Transport, Heiko Maas has opened today the new building project to public traffic in an official ceremony. `The B269neu is a milestone for a bright future of Saarland. A modern traffic infrastructure is an important lifeline for our State, assuring economic growth and employment alike` , Maas said.

The international linkage of roads also offers economic perspectives. In the course of the development of the B269neu and the RN 33 as a supra-regional connecting road, also the regional business centers of Saarlouis/Dillingen on the Saarland side and St.Avold/Carling in French have Lorraine are being developed. It is not only European logistics companies for which the region becomes even more attractive. The new route will also strenghten the business location Saarland by a faster linkage of companies in the environment of the new route to the road network.
Maas: `The Saarland´s central location in the heart of Europe also demands the provision of an up-to-date and efficient roadway system.
Besides economic aspects, the completion of the B269neu will also considerably ameliorate the situation in the Saarlouis/Überherrn region with regard to traffic and urban development.
Thus, the cross-town links of Überherrn, Bisten, Altforweiler, Neuforweiler and Picard will be noticeably relieved, especially from heavy loads, so that urban development measures can be taken up again in the communities. Topical figures show that the already finished parts of the B269neu in the wetlands of the Bist river have been well accepted even before the gap on the road was closed.
After today´s final completion of the B269neu, a reduction of traffic by half on Road 167 has been predicted. Moreover, exposure to noise and toxic substances along the cross-town links will be dramatically reduced, thus increasing the quality of life and living conditions of residents and also improving the safety on roads.
Following the Ensdorf transversal road (length: 2 km) which was opened to public traffic together with the Ensdorf Junction and the straightening of motorway A 620 on December 11th, 2008, the B269neu continues directly at the Ensdorf junction, and ends at the German-French border right at the beginning of the new part of French RN33 / Creutzwald ring road.
Meanwhile, two parts of the B269neu – the linkage of the industrial area `Häsfeld` to the A620 and the linkage of RN 33 / Creutzwald ring road to the B 269neu – have already been opened to public traffic-


Figures on the total construction project:


  • Client: Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Affairs
  • Order management: State of Saarland, represented by the Ministry of Economics, Labour, Energy and Transport
  • Planning and realization of the construction: Saarland Agency for Road Construction
  • Planning approval: April 22, 2002 (additional planning approval notice for the Bistaue region: November 2, 2009)
  • Start of the construction work: August 26, 2004
  • Length of the rew route: roughly 9.0 km
  • Total costs: roughly 50 million euros