Interface between Science and Industry

Science Park Saar is a place where the cooperation of science and industry can be experienced in close quarters. It is the answer to the great demand in technology-oriented companies for suitable areas and corresponding infrastructure. Science Park Saar represents an important element in the promotion of business start-ups and technology transfer in Saarland as a modern start-up and company centre.

Located in the immediate vicinity of Saarland University, it is available to young companies that have close contact to the research sector. The science park offers both start-ups and technology-oriented companies an optimum area for growth with attractive space and comprehensive consultancy services. It also enables professional entry into the business world with its clever ‘Coworking Saar’ space in Building 1.

Computer science, multimedia, IT and communications services on the one hand and bio-technology on the other characterise the range of companies in the park. These combined forces under one roof give tenants additional market opportunities when compiling customer-oriented offers and service packages.

Science Park Saar is part of the regional political strategy of the state government. New workplaces in future-oriented areas support structural change. And the advantageous conditions in the park give people the confidence to become self-employed.


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