First Class Industrial Areas at a First Class Industrial Location

  • GI Lisdorfer Berg, Saarlouis I areas from 6,000 m² to 28 ha
  • GI Am Schaumberg, Tholey/Theley I areas from 5,000 m² to 12 ha
  • GI Am Zunderbaum, Homburg/Kirkel I areas from 2,000 m² to 8 ha
  • GI Holz, Niederlosheim I areas from 2,000 m² to 6 ha

What is Industrial Areas Masterplan Saarland?

The success of a company necessitates the selection of the right location. The Industrial Areas Masterplan Saarland has an excellent range on offer: the four industrial areas where gwSaar Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation has taken over development and marketing for the state government cover an area as big as 257 football fields. It has used, among other things, location, traffic connections, ecological sustainability and the possibility of sizing generous plots as important criteria for the selection of the development area. The majority of the areas have already been developed and are equally interesting for industrial and logistics companies.

There are only a few of these large areas in Saarland – and this makes it more important for use to handle these valuable resources in an optimum manner so that Saarland benefits as much as possible from them. That is to say: new and safe workplaces.

Modern industrial areas

The Masterplan areas, right on the border to our European neighbours France and Luxembourg, are in the immediate vicinity of the latest production facilities that manufacture innovative products using the latest equipment and process technology and oriented towards resources and services.

This is the result of considerable change processes because the use of new industrial areas in Saarland has changed dramatically in recent years. Of course this kind of change is associated with many questions and problems that we would like to discuss individually and intensively with all interested citizens. Only if we talk about all the issues in advance can we find the best solutions.

Contact Person

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Project Manager Sites & Real Estate
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