September 2014

New project at the Saarland Thermen Resort Rilchingen

In order to present its new building project to the public, the STRR took advantage of the stand of the community of Kleinblittersdorf. ‘The Saarland Therme has developed into a visitor magnet. With the creation of parking space for mobile homes we want to continue this success story and once more extend the Resort´s offerings. In doing so, we are strenghtening and further stimulating Saarland tourism’, Barke said when delivering the notice of funding.
The construction of the mobile home park with about 60 modern and spacious parking lots follows the criteria of TopPlatz, a renowned network for outstanding caravan parkings throughout Germany. Investment costs for civil engineering measures and the visitor´s building amount to roughly 1.2 million euros net, including all incidential building costs. In the planning phase, great care was taken to harmonically integrate the park into its natural surroundings.
Following a public tender procedure, STTR had awarded the construction work contract to the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bautra/Roland Hoffman. The construction work started on August 4, 2014, and will presumably be completed by end of the year. From the 2015 season on, the park will then become operational. The contract to operate the mobile home park on behalf of the STTR was awarded to two families i.e. Heyd and Müller.

The Saarland Thermen Resort

Located amidst the rolling hills of the UNESCO biosphere reserve Bliesgau, the Saarland Thermen Resort Rilchingen attracts many visitors from Saarland and the neighboring French département Lorraine. Here, at the Saarland Therme and the Medical Vital Center with its Motivitas Fitness GmbH, they find the sought-after relaxation. And those who like living close to nature can soon drive to a modern mobile home park next to the Saarland Therme.
The Thermen Resort is surrounded by colorful pastures with fruit trees, large beech forests and impressive meadowlands. Urban life in Saarbrücken, the Saarland capital, is just 15 minutes away by car. And the beautiful French town of Sarreguemines even is on walking distance. Here, people can experience a Europe without frontiers.

A good place for short vacationers and investors

For investors, the German and French environs open up interesting target groups. For more and more people are using short ‘time-outs’ to compensate stress and are enjoying them as health-promoting measures. For short vacationers, this is particularly attractive if medical competence and additional worlds of experience complete the range. These offerings reach target groups well into the urban agglomerations corresponding to about 1.3 million people.

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