Germany’s Saarland – where your small startup is big business

Germany’s Saarland is a modern industrial location with a buzzing IT and research sector that offers the best of conditions to young startup entrepreneurs. In Saarland, the industrial, business and research sectors have always worked hand in hand. Together they have sparked exceptional developments, they continue to drive innovation and create an environment in which young startups can thrive. Saarland is a small state with a vibrant business network, making it very easy to find partners for your projects.

Our university is Germany’s leading center for computer science, IT security and autonomous driving. Whether Max-Planck, Helmholtz or Leibniz, our research institutes play in the big leagues and produce highly qualified graduates for your business. Due to our location at the French border and our close links to Europe’s business centers, we are the ideal base for companies to expand and serve markets across Europe. Many international businesses from all sectors have chosen our state as the strategic location for their European operations.

Whether your company is just getting started or ready to expand to the European market – we have the workforce and the support and infrastructure to drive your success.

Whatever your project, we will see to it that you have a smooth and successful start. Your small startup is our big business.

Anna Derschang

Project Manager
Office Berlin
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Anja Petschauer

Marketing and Promotion
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Roland Schmitt

Economic Promotion and Development
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